Home exchange

We are a group of travelling golfers and home exchange enthusiasts, from different countries, age groups, and professional backgrounds.

The original idea of this site came to us on a golf course in the Canary Islands, where we’ve been meeting every winter with our families for several years.

Our common passion for the game, our love of travel, and the desire to try new courses and test our abilities made us fancy about such a network.

Then, discussing the idea with other fellow golfers from around the world, we found that all would welcome a community that could enable them to travel and play golf, while making new connections, cultural experiences and… cutting down on accommodation costs.

Our mission is to try and make this community grow over the target of 5,000 listings, so that travelling golfers from around the world will always have a real opportunity to share their passion through different countries, climates, ways and customs.

In the attempt to reach that target, we will struggle to provide as many members as possible with our service for FREE.

So, if you are interested to join our community, just become a member for FREE now!

Finally, if you are interested in supporting our mission, or have any comments or general inquiries, just contact us, and some of us will reply to you a.s.a.p..